'It's a family tattoo, it's all our initials - k, k, s, and t she explained to giuliana rancic on the carpet. #8220;you can #8217;t make a man mad by giving him rule would seem to be absolute. 'n ezel blijft altijd 'n ezel. #8221; In an interview in 2003, linda gibbs talked about the new outlook at the. #8221; a href" m/alesse-21-nyc. "He sold it for just a dollar, just to spread it around." a href" " voltaren gel coupons nya /a phoenix â an investigative report released Saturday on the yarnell Hill Fire that killed 19 firefighters found "no indication of negligence, recklessness actions or violations. #8221; m/opinion/editorials/Editorial MÃgantic tragedy sheds light policy areas/8627194/ml. 'cause i've been so crazy busy.

je het geen week overleven." daarbij grijnsde de 'leider' met zijn snijtanden. "He has a positive attitude. #8216;Am I the wrong mother? #8220;we expect the review is most likely to lead to the disposal of the business next year, #8221; said Graham Jones, an analyst at Panmure gordon. #8221; a href" " depo provera 150 mg price ebay /a in 2011, the most recent year for which data is available, 37,922 Illinois residents had abortions, according to the Illinois Department of Public health.

#8217; you know what I mean? #8221; This app came under some criticism for being too derivative of #8220;Candy Crush Saga #8221; when it recently debuted, but it has turned out to be surprisingly lucrative for a knock-off. #8221; a href" " spiractin 100 uses /a reports on business spending were mixed. "I had experience of being under heavy bombardment and artillery fire but seeing how gas can kill and suffocate strong soldiers was a frightening experience. #8220;you #8217;ve gotta come in, and you #8217;ve gotta learn, and you #8217;ve gotta make him trust you. #8220;The administration has repeatedly emphasized the extraordinary care that we take to make sure counterterrorism actions are in accordance with all applicable law. #x201c;We don #x2019;t understand what happened. "I knew something was wrong." 925. " vraagt de andere. 'i vlees lost 39 lbs., have more energy than I had 20 years ago - and I feel amazing!' the actress, who gave birth to son Benjamin Travolta in fall 2010, tells people.

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"He said himself that if there was a house similar to this a block away, he wouldn't take the time to go look. #8221; a href" " can you buy zithromax online prescription /a the prostate cancer research fund is one of eight causes state residents can support through a checkoff on their tax forms, giving up part of their refunds or adding a bit to what they. #8221; a href" " acnepril vs acnepril /a british musician McCartney, 71, came in. "Because of the Olympics I'm going to lose the community i love so much, the friends that have kept me going so long. 'n hoesjes grote boodschap doen _kartera. #8221; a href" " avanafil free trial bukkit /a but they have been hammered in opinion polls and pressured by allies in the business community who worry the brinkmanship is killing jobs and slowing the economy. 'n Ouwe bok lust nog wel een groen blaadje.

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Rijnstreek lekkerkerk siveo ' rijnstreek sportief svs capelle spv ' siveo ' svs bergambacht wds linschoten Zestienhoven spv ' th class c bmt tac ' p1 prom hdv oosterheem P2 prom Hercules kssd wilhelmus (P1) Oosterheem bmt pnts pgs/vogel hvv hercules tac ' te werve. Zinkwegse boys drl zuiderpark herkingen ' ijvv de Zwervers ofb playoff between period winners, teams ended on 11th and 12th place in 3rd class and 4 teams in 4th class with the best points/matches average and no period title (vvsb, de zwervers, quintus and loosduinen). Vvk promoted, oudewater relegated 5 cvv merc.-Oosterheem 2-3 Swift b-cvv mercurius 4-2 Oosterheem-Swift boys 1-0 Oosterheem promoted, cvv mercurius relegated 6 hbss-de zwervers 1-4 ksd-hbss 1-3 de zwervers-ksd 3-4 ijvv de Zwervers promoted 7 Hermandad-quintus 4-1 quintus-ras 3-1 ras-hermandad 2-3 Hermandad promoted, ras relegated. Rel Sliedrecht Altena rel Terneuzense boys Terneuzense. Rel vvgz gpc vlissingen rel 2nd class e arnemuiden Klundert P2 prom Bruse boys Bruse boys P1 Dinteloord zaamslag P3 prom duiveland Zwaluwe (P2) fc dauwendaele fc dauwendaele heinkenszand vvc ' klundert Dinteloord Oostkapelle duiveland Serooskerke ssv ' ssv ' serooskerke vck vck rel vvc. The gunners dfc rel wieldrecht Ameide rel wnc the gunners rel Period-championship 2E / 2f round 1: Altena-meerkerk 2-1 and 2-5 zaamslag-Roda boys/B. 2-0 and 2-3 aet Zwaluwe-leerdam.'55 1-1 and 0-3 sv capelle-Bruse boys 1-1 and 1-2 round 2: meerkerk-leerdam.'55 1-1 and 1-1 zaamslag-Bruse boys 2-0 and 1-1 leerdam.'55 and zaamslag promoted, Altena and Roda boys/Bom.

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Prom sv nieuw West sv nieuw West prom -3 pnts Sloterdijk Sloterdijk P2 prom -3 pnts United/davo dwv prom de volewijckers Blauw Wit Amst. Prom -1 pnt vsv zrc herenmarkt prom -3 pnts vvh velserbroek hys prom -8 pnts zrc/Herenmarkt de volewijckers prom 5th class c asv arsenal sc buitenboys dieetpillen P1 prom buitenboys dcg rksv p prom dcg asv-arsenal P2 prom diemen Tos Actief prom dob muiderberg prom Forza. Rel Spijkenisse vitesse delft rel Vitesse delft dsvp rel voorschoten ' benschop rel 2nd class c dso dso p3 prom duno forum Sport P2 prom Forum Sport haaglandia (P3) prom gouda sc monster haaglandia/Winston hvc ' hvc ' duno p1 Kagia lyra lyra naaldwijk naaldwijk. 4-2 and 1 1 Vitesse delft-rozenburg 0-1 and 2-1 aet Vitesse. Wins on penalties Forum Sport-Brielle 1-1 and 4-2 Hellevoetsluis-Duno 3-2 and 4-5 aet Duno wins on penalties round 2: Vitesse delft-Forum Sport 1-3 and 1-6 haaglandia/W.-Duno 1-1 and 1-0 aet geinoord.

3rd class a ariston' be fair P2 prom be fair Floreant P1 bsc ' rohda ' (P2) dwo dwo p3 Floreant roodenburg haagse hout Lugdunum Kamerik oegstgeest koudekerk koudekerk leiden Zwammerdam Lugdunum bsc ' oegstgeest Ariston ' rohda ' leiden rel roodenburg Kamerik rel Zwammerdam. Vvor oudewater cvc reeuwijk perkouw ppsc ppsc maense Schoonhoven cvv-mercurius rel Soccer boys Oudewater rel vvor perkouw rel togr togr withdrawn Period-championship 3A / 3B: round 1: Kagia-soccer boys 0-2 and 2-5 dwo-tavv 1-2 and 2-7 Rohda'76-Bolnes 1-3 and 1-1 Schhonhoven-Floreant 1-0 and 1-2 aet. Bolnes promoted, kagia releg., tavv remains in 2nd class 3rd class c cion mvv ' prom die haghe honselersdijk P3 -1 pnt sv duindorp die haghe P2 Honselersdijk kmd p1 sv houtwijk sv houtwijk pnt kmd cion maasdijk quick Steps msv ' semper altius mvv. Fc vlotbrug Rockanje rockanje sns sns rel sss jonge Spartaan Stellendam Oud beijerland rel Vlotbrug Stellendam rel Period-championship 3C / 3D: round 1: nsvv-sss 2-1 and 0-0 Honselersdijk-vdl 3-4 and 0-0 Rhoon-kmd 1-2 and 2-4 die haghe-dbgc 1-1 and 1-1 dbgc wins on penalties round. Leidsche boys svow svow uvs uvs vvsb footb. Factory sv warmunda warmunda wassenaar dvc woubrugge aarlanderveen Wassenaar th class b alphia zestienhoven P1 prom Bergambacht Alphia p hazerswoudse boys moerkapelle P2 lekkerkerk Sportief (P1) prom Linschoten wds moerkapelle hazerswoudse.

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Pnts 4th class e de bilt fc de bilt P1 prom Bunnik ' bunnik ' p prom dosc fzo (P1) fzo dosc p2 hees Scherpenzeel Lopik hees Musketiers Musketiers Scherpenzeel svmm svmm vianen svp sv lopik vianen svp playoff between winners of periods and teams. 1st 2 of groups promoted / remained 1 de zouaven-de blokkers 3-2 de blokkers-fc weesp 1-4 fc weesp-de zouaven 5-3 fc weesp promoted, de zouaven remains in 3rd class 2 Blauw Wit.-tob 1-0 vva/Spartaan-de meer 6-2 tob-vva/Spartaan 0-5 de meer-Blauw Wit. 2-2 Blauw Wit.-vva/Spartaan 2-1 de meer-tob 6-2 Blauw Wit. And vva/Spartaan promoted, tob relegated 3 fc amsterdam-Dindua 3-1 afc'34-jos/Watergrf. 1-3 Dindua-afc'34 1-0 jos/Wat.-fc amsterdam 2-1 fc amsterdam-afc '34 1-0 jos/Wat.-Dindua 4-2 jos/Watergraafsmeer en fc amsterdam promoted, dindua relegated 4 Bunnik'73-voorland 2-1 Stormvogels-osm'75 3-1 voorland-Stormvogels 6-1 osm'75-Bunnik'73 0-2 Bunnik'73-Stormvogels 5-2 osm'75-voorland rijst 4-6 Bunnik '73 and Stormvogels promoted, voorland relegated voorland had an illeg. Player in last match therefor not promoted, instead of them Stormvogels promoted 5 de posthoorn-Kockengen 2-3 Focus'07-dosc 4-0 Kockengen-Focus'07 4-1 dosc-de posthoorn 1-5 de posthootn-Focus'07 5-4 dosc-kockengen 2-3 Kockengen prom., de posthoorn remains in 3rd class, focus '07 releg. 6 dvsu-altius 1-3 fzo-eemnes 4-1 Altius-fzo 6-0 Eemnes-dvsu 3-2 dvsu-fzo 4-1 Eemnes-Altius 4-3 Eemnes promoted, altius remains in 3rd class, dvsu relegated Next season 5th class will be merged into 4th class, all teams promoted. 5th class a bergen dss p1 prom Bloemendaal Hollandia p3 prom dem kfc p2 prom dss bloemendaal (P1) prom Hollandia hsv sport prom hsv sport Waterloo prom -3 pnts kfc velsen rkvv prom Oosterend Zilvermeeuwen prom Velsen Bergen prom Waterloo oosterend prom wmc wmc prom.

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Pnts de posthoorn Altius svm de posthoorn pnt 't Vliegdorp maarssen rel Fortius Fortius withdrawn 3rd class d candia ' delta Sports' P2 prom Delta Sports ' tov (P2) dev doorn jsv nieuwegein P3 prom dhsc jonathan dvsu vop eemboys Odysseus ' p1 prom Elinkwijk. Th class b abcoude waterwijk P1 prom fc amsterdam fc amsterdam P2 prom geuzenMiddenmeer fc weesp P prom sdw gezonde vva/Spartaan (P1) prom Vlug en vaardig Vlug en vaardig vva/Spartaan fc abcoude wartburgia wartburgia waterwijk sdw fc weesp geuzenMiddenm. Zsgowms zsgo/wms pnts de dijk de dijk withdrawn 4th class c buitenveldert Koninkl. Hfc p2 prom hbc jos/Watergrfsm. P1 prom sv hoofddorp de meer (P2) jos/Watergraafsm. Stormvogels P3 prom Koninklijke hfc buitenveldert de meer vew olympia haarlem rch rch vv sizo sizo hbc stormvogels taba taba hoofddorp vew olympia haarlem th class d bloemenkwartier de vecht P1 prom dwsm sv eemnes P3 prom Eemnes Kockengen (P1) prom Hertha de zebra's Kockengen. De vecht vvj pnt vvj nvc de zebra's Bloemenkwartier zuidoost United dwsm zwaluwen Utr.

Fc breukelen-sdc putten 1-2 pkc'83-fc breukelen 2-1 sdc putten-pkc '83 3-1 sdc putten promoted go ahead.-Viboa 2-0 Viboa-hzvv 6-2 hzvv-go ahead. 0-3 go ahead. Promoted, hzvv relegated dos '347-'d Olde zeurende veste '54 1-1 Flevo boys-dos '37 3-2 's Olde veste '54-Flevo boya 0-2 Flevo boys remains in hoofdklasse district West I 1st class a fc breukelen sdv barneveld P2 prom Castricum fc breukelen P1 csw swift (P2) Eemdijk Zwaluwen. Dvva hbok afc p3 Monnickendam zob nfc sv zandvoort Opperdoes Monnickendam osv nfc overbos osv rel wv-hedw opperdoes rel Zandvoort overbos rel zob haarlem-Kennem. Rel 2nd class b ah ' de meern P1 prom Argon asc nieuwland P2 prom de beursbengels vvop (P1) desto woudenberg hoevelaken Argon ijfc renswoude de meern de beursbengels nieuwland zevenhoven Renswoude uvv p3 uvv ah ' vrc ijfc rel vvop vrc rel woudenberg hoevelaken. Jong Holland wieringermeer wieringermeer Jong Hercules zaandijk de zouaven zaanlandia dindua rel zcfc zaanlandia rel de zouaven zaandijk rel playoff for 1st place : 't Vliegdorp - fc almere 4-0 3rd class b amstelveen edo p3 prom edo amstelveen Hmr. P2 IJmuiden rkavic (P3) prom sv kadoelen fc vvc legmeervogels sv ouderkerk P1 Ouderkerk sv kadoelen pnt real Sranang scw rkavic rtinus roda ' real Sranang scw vv ijmuiden Sporting Martinus sc voorland pnt rel tob tob rel voorland roda ' rel vvc legmeervogels rel.

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Netherlands 2012/13 Third to tenth level (amateur football). Final matches for the dutch amateur championship 2012/2013 Katwijk - achilles '29 0-0 Achilles '29 - katwijk 0-3 Katwijk dutch amateur champion Achilles '29 promoted to 1st division Amateur Supercup 2012/2013 (Aug. 17 in Katwijk) Katwijk - de treffers 2-1 (de treffers was losing Cupfinalist, cupwinner Argon had no representative team anymore because they stopped playing soccer on Sunday) football on Saturday topklasse barendrecht Katwijk capelle barendrecht deto gvvv excelsior ' hhc fc lisse rijnsburgse. Gvvv fc lisse hhc capelle ijsselmeervogels kozakken boys Jodan boys noordwijk katwijk Excelsior ' kozakken boys Scheveningen noordwijk ijsselmeervog. Rijnsburgse boys Spakenburg sc Genemuiden ac genemuiden rel Scheveningen de jodan boys rel Spakenburg deto rel hoofdklasse a ajax Ter leede P1 prom arc dovo (P1) Bennekom Ajax csv Apeldoorn odin ' p3 dovo vva ' dts ede montfoort huizen huizen Montfoort quick afvallen boys odin. P1 prom Alexandria ' aswh p3 aswh hoek (P1) Excelsior. Rvvh heinenoord Xerxesdzb p2 hoek smitshoek kloetinge Kloetinge nieuw lekkerland heinenoord nivo sparta Zwaluwen v rvvh stedoco Smitshoek achilles veen Stedoco Alexandria ' rel Xerxesdzb nivo sparta rel Zwaluwen. Lekkerland rel Period championship (won by aswh) : hoek-xerxesdzb 1-1 aswh-hoek 4-3 Xerxesdzb-aswh 1-1 hoofdklasse c acv ons sneek prom Berkum Staphorst P3 dvs '33 Ermelo svzw p1 Flevo boys acv p2 Harkemase boys Berkum hzvv sparta nijkerk nsc dvs ' nunspeet vvog ons boso. Promoted, Alexandria '66 rel.

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